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Sl No Tender Last Date Links
E-Auction Notice for the sale of Eucalyptus Trees in Mattupatti click here
2 E-Tender Notice for the Supply of Rubberware/Other items 14.12.2017 click here
3 E-Tender Notice for the Supply of Glassware 14.12.2017 click here
4 E-Tender notice for the supply, installatiion and commissioning of  HDPE  and G.I Pipes and the connected accessories at the Mattupatti farm of KLDB on a turn key basis 18/12/2017 click here
5 Short E_Tender Notice for Supply of Liquid Nitrogen 11/12/2017 click here
6 Short Tender notice and Tender Form for the Supply of ELISA Kits for screening animals 24/11/2017 click here
Short Tender notice and Tender Form for the Supply and installation of Hot Air Ovens 24/11/2017 click here


E-Tender (Retender) Notice for the supply of Mineral Mixture 20/11/2017 click here